Q & A with Ed Engle, Chief Estimator for Smucker Company

Tell me about what you do?

We do between 200-300 estimates a year. When the big invitations come in, I go through them and decide what jobs we are going to big based on our backlog, what type of job it is, and if we have time in our bidding schedule. Blaine and Greg bid the jobs and then we review the bid and put the final labor and margin on them before sending them over to the GC’s. Then we follow-up on the jobs to attempt to land the project. There’s a lot more that goes into it but that’s an overview from beginning to end.

What makes a good estimator?

Its experience, its asking the right up front questions, its getting the right scope. Its getting everything taken care of prior to the bid, so that when the GC gets our number its all-inclusive. It has everything they need to get the project done. It’s a well thought out and a complete estimate.

Do you think that Smucker has an advantage over other companies on their estimates?

 I believe we do. I believe we have the best estimating staff in the industry. Between the three of us we have been with Smucker Company for a combined 65 years. We have a lot of experience and use that to produce a thourough estimate. What I hear out in the market is that numbers are all over the place. We want our number to be the benchmark. We hope that the CG can look at our proposal and quickly see what we have to provide for their project.

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