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The Elizabethtown College Campus Center is a 62,00 sf project. An addition of 42,000 sf and 20,000 sf renovations in two adjoining buildings created a new campus center for the students of the college. The design of the building created areas of interest within the building (i.e. library, food court, dining area, sitting area, atrium). Smucker Company performed the installation of the interior metal studs, thermal insulation, sound batts and drywall walls, ceilings and soffits. All of the work on the project was self-performed by Smucker’s workforce. The project was completed in just over a year.

The creation of a new campus center for Elizabethtown College was a challenging job for Smucker Company. The project was a design build project and there were numerous changes during the project that created the need for flexibility with scheduling and scope changes.

The feature area of the new addition is the atrium area. This is a two-story area in the center of the building that has clearstory windows on the roof. All of the various areas of the building are open to this area, which allows lots of light to filter into the entire building. Smucker’s intricate drywall stepped soffit work in this atrium area greatly enhances the appearance. In addition, there are various reveal beads, drywall offset and drywall keystones at the head of the columns that combine to make the atrium an outstanding focal point. Smucker’s drywall work is also showcased throughout the remainder of the building with curved walls, curved soffits and various details in the ceilings. Overall in this project, the attention given to the details in the drywall work greatly enhances the appearance of the new campus center.

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