Q: What does “no job too small” mean?

We’ve got a little bit of a perception in the industry that we are a large commercial contractor and on smaller jobs, anything under $100,000 we’re just not competitive. There are various reasons why that may have happened, whether it be when we big some smaller jobs, other guys were a lot lower. As we all know, the competition was much tighter when residential slowed. A lot of those “other guys” were not successful in the commercial arena. We found that we can be very competitive in that realm and would like to start giving ourselves a better presence in the smaller commercial market.

Q: Anything else that you want to add to this?

Because of our large workforce, if you have a project that needs quick completion, we have the ability to man it (compared to a smaller company who might only have 2 or 3 or 10 workers). If they’re busy, they’re busy. They don’t have a whole lot else they can do. We have a lot more resources. We’ve been running about 80-100 in the field. Another advantage is we can offer the same material pricing on our smaller jobs that we would typically get on our larger projects because of our buying power. Smucker Company really makes sense for any size job.

Need spray fire proofing?

We are experts in handling all of your spray-applied fire proofing and intumescent coating projects. Our products achieve the highest level of environmental consciousness, using recycled content and no solvents or harmful compounds.

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