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General Contractor:
CH&E Construction

Smucker Company’s scope of work for this project was metal stud framing, thermal insulation, sound batts, and drywall.

The featured area of this project is the sanctuary. The ceiling in the sanctuary consists of double layer drywall and metal studs to create a barrel ceiling. The ceiling is 34’ at the highest point and spans 100’ from side to side. Within the 100’ span there are drywall bulkheads that separate the barrel ceiling into three areas. The barrel ceilings over the side windows also adjoin peaked metal stud framing and drywall over the side windows of the sanctuary.

In addition to the barrel ceiling, the sanctuary also included detailed metal stud and drywall columns on the side walls and at the stage area. The lobby area also has numerous metal stud and drywall columns. The feature area of the lobby includes a large skylight with drywall bulkheads.

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