85 years of experience gives you the Smucker Company Advantage!

Rick Gabrielson worked as a carpenter, became a foreman and has been in Project Management for the last 12 years. He knows this business from the ground up.

What was the biggest project that you ever managed?

Probably F&M Science Center. Very aggressive schedule, a lot of high end work. We used specialty products, such as Rulon Ceiling panels. It was probably about 30 feet high and shaped more or less like a football. I’m real proud of that job.

What do you like best about working for Smucker?

Great people to work with. Good customers to work with. They are very team oriented here. It makes my job easier when the people around me are such professionals!

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Rick Becker spend his early years in the industry as a plasterer. The past 18 years have been spent working as a foreman and project manager. With over 22 years experience on all levels, Rick has seen just about everything a job can throw at him.

What was the toughest job you ever PM’ed?

Keystone Medical. It was in the dead of winter and we weren’t doing very well. Then through some really good efforts by our foreman and field workers, the job turned around and it ended up a really good job for us. The owner (client) was happy and that made the GC happy.

What do you like best about working for Smucker?

The team. It’s all about team. There’s no lone rangers here. You’re free to be innovative and try things. Any new ideas you get aren’t shut down right away. Everybody listens and it’s a very good atmosphere and its very healthy.

Matt Raub started with Smucker in 1996 and has been working in the trade since 1993. He specializes in our “no project too small” assignments, but sometimes they can grow pretty big!

At the Nissan Noodle Plant in Centerville, we started with a small project and they have had us back since to do many more projects, some of them quite a bit larger than the original one. I think they like our work!!

If I’m a GC why would I hire Smucker?

Because of the size of our company, they can count on us getting projects done on time. Our foreman have a lot of experience in the field. That combined with the experience level of out field workers and project managers insures a good quality project done on time.

Stacy Brandt has worked in the drywall / metal stud / ceiling trades since high school. He also spent 4 years serving our country in the marines. 14 ½ years ago, he came to us as a mechanic, worked his way up through the ranks to foreman and then project manager. Stacey is currently our senior project manager.

What kind of projects do you specialize in?

We did roughly 16 million dollars worth of work at Shannondell Retirement Communities down in Valley Forge. Seven buildings; two community buildings, and five large residential buildings. I was running, at one time, 4 different foreman and a superintendant. We had real fancy soffit work and metal stud work in the community building and then production work throughout the residential buildings.

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