Currently Smucker Company is drilling a well with funds donated by out employees and matched with company funds. With this joint effort by Smucker Company and the employees, the town of Nghambi in Tanzania will be able to have fresh, clean water for the entire community. The next step for us in helping with the water crisis in Africa is Kili Climb 2011, scaling over 19,000 ft on Jan 11, when we reach the summit.

Fifteen Tanzanian and five Kenyan villages have already been approved to receive water from Kili Climb and the list will grow as fundraising continues. Each village will be the recipient of a complete water well project which includes the bore hole, screens, filters, pump, holding tanks, and windmills or solar pumps where necessary. Each well costs $15,000 – $25,000 depending on the location, how deep the well is, and the kind of pump that is needed to get water out of the well. For more information on the water crisis, the communities that will be helped with this climb, and just general information about Kili Climb, please visit Collectively, Kili Climb has a goal of at least thirty new wells to be drilled. Kathy and I hope to raise at least $40,000 and provide enough funds to drill two of these wells.

Please help us by donating to Kili Climb and help the entire community receive fresh, clean water. Thank you in advanced for your consideration and donation!


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